Hi, guys! Just wanted to write a little blog update about life’s happenings and what is going on. I look a mini-vacation this weekend to with my family to the Starved Rock area here in the (somewhat) Chicago area. I really took the time to reflex and just think about my blog, my jewelry business, school, work, all that good yet stressful stuff.

I really would like to incorporate videos into the blog so that I can be more interactive with you guys and so we can talk face-to-screen. I think it’d be an awesome way for you guys to get to know me more and me you. I think it’d be an awesome way for us to interact more! Life has been so busy for me lately, and with the fourth year of college around the corner (yikes!) so much more will be on my plate. I think having videos and written blog posts will lighten my load a bit. Filming a video will be a lot faster than writing a post. Well, I guess with editing and stuff it could take longer. But, why not give it a shot?

I’m excited. I think this will be a great thing!




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