The Concealer You Need in Your Life





Behold, my new holy grail product. I am head over heels for this concealer. The Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is an absolute must for any one who wants to cover dark circles, blemishes, and everything else! Mine is in the shade Fair-Neutral.

The Review: This concealer is the only product I’ve found to give me great coverage. The lightweight consistency feels great on the skin; I won’t feel as if I have a thick blob of concealer on my face throughout the day. The less I feel makeup caked on my face, the better. It’s very build able so you get a desirable amount of coverage. I will say that I found it to crease under my eyes but that’s nothing a little powder can’t fix. Yes, the price is a little high up there, but I can assure you that this concealer is worth every penny!

How I Use It: I’ll be honest, I get major dark circles and bags during the academic semester and use this concealer to cover them up. I especially love how it brightens them up and makes me look alert and awake. I also like to use this product as I highlight under my eyes and cheek bones as well as on my forehead and bridge of the nose. It does wonders! And of course, I use it for blemishes because, let’s be real, they always make an appearance when ever they feel the need.

Have you guys tried/have this product? What are your favorite concealers?




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