A Day in the Life: The Art Institute of Chicago and Bar Toma

Finals are done and Winter break is here! What better way to celebrate the end of the semester than exploring the beautiful city of Chicago. I was very excited to visit the Art Institute after finishing a semester of Art History. The last time I took a trip to the museum was Junior year of high school. But after learning so much about the symbolism and deeper meaning behind each paining, I’ve found a new form of respect for the beauty that surrounds us. I truly have. What helps even more is that I had an amazing professor teaching me. After the Institute my friend and I headed to Bar Toma near Michigan and Pearson.

Quick fact: My uncle has a brick oven in his backyard and we always make our own pizzas there. Pizza’s at his place are #1 in my book, oh my goodness; the BEST pizza I have tasted in MY ENTIRE LIFE. But after today, I can honestly say Bar Toma comes in very close to stealing my love for pizza at my uncle’s place. Bar Toma was absolutely phenomenal. And they have a S’mores Pizza. Yup, you heard that right.











The S’mores Pizza!




– jess.

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