Favorite Tune Fridays #4: Coldplay

Today is the big day! “A Head Full of Dreams” released today I am so excited to listen to it! I think I will play it while I study tonight for finals. Is that even a good idea? I may be too distracted studying French by the sounds of heaven playing in the background. That was a bit over the top, but how can you not relate? Coldplay was the soundtrack to my middle school years. I remember when Viva La Vida released; that album changed everything for me. I remember listening to Clocks as a kid on the radio and on the Peter Pan (2003) trailer but I never who sang it. All I knew was that it was one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. Plus, I was about 10 years old which was an age where I had no cell phone and the only website I visited was DisneyChannel.com. Eventually, listening to Viva La Vida exposed me to more of Coldplay’s music and other bands.

This week, I am featuring “Adventure of a Lifetime” from their new album, A Head Full of Dreams.¬† “Adventure of a Lifetime” lifts my mood and is the perfect song to listen to during finals. The song has such a positive outlook and a fun beat.

P.S:Did you hear? Coldplay will be performing during the Superbowl Halftime Show! And it’s said that Beyonc√© will be performing with them too!



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