A Day in the Life: Finals Week 2015

Ah, I best time of the year for any college or high school student. I lived in the library the entire week before my finals, and, boy, that welcomed stress…hardcore stress. I pulled through and managed to survive, and developed some strategies and tips to keep my mind and body motivated and healthy. In addition, I’d like to share some tips with those of you who are battling stress, or getting ready to take exams.

  1. Carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water throughout the day. We all know the importance of it, and it is essential to our health. Water energizes our muscles, and that is so important because if you’re studying, you’re most likely sitting all day! It’s recommended to drink around 8-12 glasses of water a day, but it all depends on your body. I like to carry my 1L water bottle around. My goal is to always drink 2L each day.
  2. Take breaks when you need to and know your limits. It’s never a good idea to cram information into your head at once. I like to study in one hour block and take about a 15 minute break to retain information. If I feel like I can continue studying for more than an hour, I go on and vice versa. Bottom line: Don’t plan on sitting for five or more straight hours trying to read and retain everything you can. Breaks will allow you to absorb all that you have read up until that point.
  3. Move your body. Walks are a time for reflection, and…cookies? Oh yeah, cookies (which explains my Insomnia Cookie photo above). A little sugar never hurt nobody. Sometimes you just have to leave your work area for a while and take a mental break. Exercising is a great de-stresser, but I can never find the time to take myself to the gym. Instead, I dance. Dancing is my de-stressor, always. For some it may be running, listening to music, cooking, etc. Find what works for you.
  4. Study with a group or classmate. Not only will you be able to combine minds and create strategies, you’ll keep your selves motivated. If your stuck one a certain topic, or problem you’ll have a study buddy right next to who you might have a solution. Studying with friends and classmates boosts up my motivation levels, so that’s a plus!

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