Spotlight: Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation


What initially drew me to this foundation was it’s claim to hydrate and smooth skin. My skin this winter was incredibly dry, which is not normal for me. That being said, my foundation was beginning to look cake-y and it looked very unflattering. When I saw this foundation in the makeup aisle of Target, I had to grab it! Using it for a good three weeks now, here on my thoughts on the new Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy + Smooth Foundation.

One thing I absolutely love about this product is the shade and the fact that is has SPF 18! My shade is Ivory 120 and it is the perfect match! In terms of application, the foundation does a great job blending. I’d say it’s more of a medium coverage, but you could certainily build it up. The problem with building up the coverage is that it could feel a little heavy on the skin. Because the bottle doesn’t come with a pump, I poured out a bit too much on accident most of the time, and tended to apply way more than I intended to. Pumps are always a plus, aren’t they? I will admit, the longevity isn’t great. I found that it began to fade away after about two or three hours, but nothing a great primer can’t fix.

Like everyone, I have my bad skin days and my good skin days. On good skin days, the foundation looks great! It smooths and blends evenly. Throughout the day once my natural oils begin to produce (that sounds weird), my skin looked so dewy and had a natural glow. Dewy skin is all me. I love dewy looks than matte ones. It looks natural, and perfect for everyday. On my bad skin days, when I begin to have a little dryness around my nose, the foundation tended to cling on to dry patches. My skin still looked natural and dewy throughout the day, but the dry patches were pretty visible. They weren’t insanely prominent like with other foundations, so I was little happy about that. 

Overall, this is a great foundation for everyday use, and looks very dewy and natural on the skin. The small visible dry patches don’t bother me too much, so I would definitely recommend this if you want something that looks natural while providing sun protection. I think its worth the price, and I would re-purchase!


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