A Day In the Life: Wicker Park

Wicker park: Sunday, January 25, 2015

This semester, my best friend Luisa and I promised ourselves that we would explore our city more. Our main goal is to visit one part of Chicago at least twice a month. We’re living in the Windy City, and we want to take advantage of the sights and cultures that surround us.

Our first stop: Wicker Park.

It was a very snowy and windy day, but that did not stop us. A little cold weather isn’t going to ruin a fun day for us. We had our mind set on a restaurant called The Bongo Room, but when we got there the place was packed! So we went hunting for food else where in the neighborhood.


We came upon a restaurant called Kanela Breakfast Club, and I am so glad that we did! This place was one of the most casual places I have been to, yet illuminates an elegant and classy atmosphere. The service is incredible, the employees were friendly, and inviting. “What about the food,” you may ask. It was phenomenal.


Did you lick the screen? Bet you did. What you see in front of you is Kanela French Toast. This decadent dish is topped with an apricot sauce, and filled with a lemon crème fraîche. Simple yet full of flavor. I wish I had another plate in front of me right now. I will definitely visit this place again.


We had to walk off all the delicious food. So, we strolled around the neighborhood. We stumbled across this cool record store. They had lots of oldies, and new music. A great variety of records were available. They were also playing some very chill music, which was awesome. Really set the mood.

Then we headed back to the train. After a fun day of exploring, it was time head back to campus to get more homework and readings done for class. Wicker Park was awesome. I wish we could have spent a little more time window shopping and walking, but it was a great start to our exploring adventures.

IMG_1286 1

IMG_1280 1



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